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What is Divorce With a Business?

Divorce is an emotional and potentially complex legal process. In all divorces that fall into the litigation process, the court must determine which property is part of a marital estate. However, if you or your spouse own a business, this matter may become even more complex. In certain cases, the business will be assessed for […]

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What is a High Net Worth Divorce?

The long, grueling process of divorce often becomes both financially and emotionally messy. You stay strong, but it isn’t easy. Unfortunately, if you or your spouse are high net individuals, this may augment the stressful nature of your situation. This is why you must read on, educate yourself, and hire an experienced attorney who will […]

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How do I Prepare for a Divorce?

When you get divorced, you make a huge life decision that may have significant impacts on both you and your family. This is why it is important you know what you are getting into before making your decision. While many feel dishonest or disingenuous when preparing for a divorce, this should not be the case. […]

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