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How can a divorce become contested?

When spouses file for divorce, they are able to make it a contested or uncontested divorce. This depends on the reason they cite for the divorce. When a divorce is considered to be uncontested, spouses may be able to go through a more efficient process that is often less emotionally demanding to decide on marital […]

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How are child relocation cases handled?

During the divorce process, these cases also need to decide on child custody arrangements. With these arrangements, it will decide how the child will spend time with their parents. Once these parents are divorced, it can lead to separate lives. They will be legally divorced and start a new life apart from one another. This can […]

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How can my assets be decided after divorce?

Divorce is one of the hardest decisions that people have to make in their lives. After a divorce is decided upon, more difficult decisions still need to be made. When individuals are not able to make these decisions for themselves during divorce mediation, a judge may have to decide on issues for them. These marital […]

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Can I end mediation after starting the process?

During the mediation process, spouses have the option to end the process at any time. Although mediation can be a great way to work through marital issues instead of entering into litigation, it requires a lot of cooperation. Both spouses need to cooperate in the process to make decisions regarding child support, child custody, alimony […]

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When does child support end?

After a divorce, many decisions need to be made. Parents worry about their children and often are focused on their well-being. Child support tends to be one of the important factors decided on during divorce proceedings. The state of New Jersey has child support laws that look out for the well-being of the child to […]

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What is a postnuptial agreement?

Postnuptial agreements outline the same concepts as a prenuptial agreement does. They are made to clarify what assets and property belong to each spouse. This can protect their assets upon divorce proceedings. It can prevent future arguments or any form of litigation involving the assets. As with a prenuptial agreement, postnuptial agreements should not mention child […]

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How do I proceed with a divorce?

When spouses are facing a difficult time, it can turn into a bigger indication about their marriage. If couples feel as though they are no longer able to maintain their marriage, it may be time to consider their divorce options. Before filing for divorce, it is best to speak to a professional attorney. They can […]

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What does a prenuptial agreement state?

A prenuptial agreement includes a list of all assets that are intended to be split between spouses. It can address inheritance, appreciation of property, spousal support, real estate and fidelity. However, it cannot include mention of child support or child custody. These decisions are not to be made in these documents. These concepts are all […]

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How does adoption work?

As individuals look to start families, adoption may be something they consider. Although the process may be long, it can prove to be rewarding. Bringing a new child into your life is a selfless act. Children take a lot of caring for but the bond between a parent and child is so special. As families […]

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