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What can cause modifications to marital issues?

When marital issues are talked about during litigation, couples will need to make decisions for their marital issues. This is needed to resolve their marriage. With these decisions made, they can get an official divorce that ends their marriage to complete the process. This can be done in mediation or during litigation where a judge […]

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Who divides assets for divorce?

During divorce proceedings, couples have to make many decisions regarding their situation. They can make these decisions in court where a judge is in charge. Otherwise, they can make these decisions between one another in mediation sessions. With each process, a different individual is in charge of resolving their division of assets. This will decide […]

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What different ways can I adopt a child?

If individuals are considering adoption as a way to bring a child into the family, there are different types of adopting styles that they should keep in mind. Domestic adoption is one option that people have to build a bigger family. This involves the adoption of a child that resides in the United States. When […]

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What does a prenuptial agreement include?

Before couples get married, the spouses may agree to create a prenuptial agreement with one another. This agreement can guarantee them possession over assets that are claimed if they ever do get a divorce. The possessions that they owned before marriage may be important to them due to a sentimental value or family related aspect. […]

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Who makes decisions during mediation?

During divorce mediation, decisions need to be made. These marital issues can be resolved in mediation by couples. This process needs to be completed by couples unless they would rather go through litigation. Couples can go use mediation to resolve their issues. During this process, couples will need to decide on important issues, such as […]

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How are child custody arrangements made?

Upon divorce, couples need to decide on many issues. Their marital issues need to be resolved before their divorce is finalized. This can include child custody arrangements if children are involved in the marriage. Children need to be put first when these arrangements are made. When they are made in court, a judge will oversee […]

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What amount qualifies for a high net worth divorce?

Divorce cases need to be settled before spouses go their separate ways. During these cases, many issues need to be addressed. Spouses will have to consider all their options. They can enter litigation or attend mediation sessions together. For these instances, they may wish to acquire an attorney to help them during this time. It […]

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How are post-judgment modifications made?

Post judgment modifications can be made after a divorce has already been finalized. During the divorce process, couples can make decisions on their marital issues or have a judge do so for them. This can allow them to carry on with their lives separately. However, sometimes these cases need to be revisited. When a change […]

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Can my attorney come to mediation sessions?

When mediation is used as a method of making decisions for divorces, it can be an amicable way to solve issues. Mediation can be used for uncontested divorces. If couples are unable to solve their issues during mediation sessions, they may have to enter into a contested divorce that can lead them to court. For […]

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