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What Assets Are at Stake in a New Jersey Divorce?

One of the hardest things anybody will have to endure is a divorce. Divorces are complicated, both emotionally, legally, and financially. Fortunately, our firm understands this, which is why we are here to provide you with compassionate legal guidance in your time of need. Please read on and reach out to our experienced New Jersey […]

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Divorcing Incarcerated Spouses in New Jersey

Divorce is difficult, and it can become even more so if your spouse is currently incarcerated. However, you should not feel guilty about seeking a divorce, as incarceration puts enormous amounts of pressure on the incarcerated’s spouses. If you are looking to divorce your incarcerated spouse, please continue reading and reach out to our experienced […]

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How do I get a Post-Divorce Modification in New Jersey?

Divorced New Jerseyans often find that in the months or years to follow, they or their children’s situation, naturally, has changed. When this happens, they request what is known as a post-divorce modification. Please read on and speak with our experienced New Jersey post-divorce modification attorney to learn more about how our firm can help […]

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Divorce Mediation in New Jersey

Contested divorce is never easy. If you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, you will often enter the litigation process. This is where a judge will determine child custody, asset distribution, and more, on your behalf. What’s more, the litigation is oftentimes a long, drawn-out, and costly process. Fortunately, there […]

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How Does Alimony Work in New Jersey?

If you are a financially dependent spouse and are getting a divorce, you must read on and reach out to an experienced New Jersey alimony attorney to learn more about how we can help you through the legal process going forward. Alimony is oftentimes a hotly-contested issue in divorce, so you cannot afford to fight for […]

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What is a Contested Divorce?

No spouse imagines they will get a divorce when saying “I do,” however, unfortunately, it happens perhaps more than you think. If you are getting a divorce and cannot agree on its terms with your spouse, you are in a contested divorce. Please read on to learn more about the process going forward, and how […]

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