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Child Support Obligations in New Jersey

When parents split, they will still have the obligation of financially supporting their child. Parents have this obligation until they turn 19 years old, in many cases. There are a number of cases where the parents will have this obligation extended until the child has finished college or other training. For the most part, New […]

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Spousal Support in Ocean County NJ

When a couple is married, they often take different roles in the relationship. One spouse may bring in most of the finances while the other spouse contributes in other ways. If a couple with an arrangement like this gets divorced, they may have to address the matter of spousal support, which is also commonly referred […]

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Child Custody in New Jersey

When parents in New Jersey make the difficult decision to get divorced, they are faced with the emotional task of determining child custody. Parents are often overwhelmed by the idea that they will not be able to see their child every day as they once did. In many cases, parents cannot make a custody decision on […]

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New Jersey’s Paid Family Leave Act

New Jersey’s Paid Family Leave Act Frequently Asked Questions about the New Paid Family Leave Law On May 2, 2008, Governor Corzine signed into law “an act providing benefits for family temporary disability leave,” which has been dubbed the New Jersey “Paid Family Leave” law. The “Paid Family Leave” title is somewhat misleading, as the […]

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Domestic Violence FAQs

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders Frequently Asked Questions: What is a restraining order? It is a Court Order which is intended to protect you from further harm from someone who has hurt you; to keep the abuser away from you, or to stop harassing you, or keep the abuser from the scene of the violence, which […]

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