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Citing Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey

Going through a divorce can often be a very complex and exhausting process for all people involved. In the state of New Jersey, spouses must meet certain requirements before the may begin the divorce proceedings. One of the first things to be done is for spouses to cite grounds for their divorce. While many believe […]

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Modifying Settlement Agreements in New Jersey

When a couple goes through a divorce, they are required to settle many marital issues. All decisions made regarding these issues must be finalized by a judge. Even decisions made through divorce mediation must be approved, as the judge reviews the couple’s decisions before they are official. In all court cases, a judge’s decisions are […]

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What are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

When a couple goes through divorce proceedings, they sometimes wish to pursue other methods that exist outside of a courtroom. While these alternatives are not always possible for all couples, they can be beneficial for others. Settling a divorce outside of court gives couples the opportunity to determine their divorce arrangements on their own without […]

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Alimony in New Jersey

  When a couple divorces, they must handle several legal matters before their marriage is officially dissolved. An important part of divorce is making decisions regarding spousal support, also known as alimony. Alimony is court-ordered financial support from one spouse to another. These payments occur for a period of time after the divorce to allow […]

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Domestic Violence in New Jersey

The issue of domestic violence is very dangerous and affects many people in the world. The state of New Jersey is just one of many states that are working hard to combat this violence and protect its victims. It created the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act in 1991 to protect victims of domestic […]

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Division of Assets in New Jersey

There are many matters that a couple must take care of when they are going through divorce proceedings. One of the most important matters in handling a divorce is deciding how to split a couple’s assets amongst the two of them. In some cases, a couple is able to come to an agreement by themselves […]

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Divorce Options in New Jersey

Ending a marriage is a complex situation. When a couple divorces, there are many new things to consider. One of the first things a couple must do is decide how they wish to move forward with separating their lives. In the state of New Jersey, there are several different ways a couple can proceed with […]

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Child Support in New Jersey

After the court decides the custody of the child, then comes the matter of child support. In the state of New Jersey, parents are required to financially support their children. Even though one parent has physical custody, the other must help out with payments because the cost of a child is too much for one […]

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Child Custody Laws in New Jersey

When parents are getting divorced in the state of New Jersey, one of the challenging matters that must be addressed is the child custody arrangement. We understand how emotional it can be for a family to go through such drastic changes because divorce impacts everyone. Typically, in New Jersey, courts will want parents to maintain […]

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What can cause modifications to marital issues?

When marital issues are talked about during litigation, couples will need to make decisions for their marital issues. This is needed to resolve their marriage. With these decisions made, they can get an official divorce that ends their marriage to complete the process. This can be done in mediation or during litigation where a judge […]

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