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  • I am extremely Happy with Sarina’s services. She and her paralegal Gloria were so helpful, knowledgeable, understanding and caring in dealing with my stressful case. Both Sarina and Gloria were very easy to speak to and always there to answer any and all questions that arose. they have successfully guided my case to where I had hoped it would be and were always concerned with the well-being of myself and my 2 boys. I would highly recommend Sarina to anyone!

    — Debbie
  • I had no doubt in my mind after speaking to Sarina on the phone before our first consultation two years ago that she was the one to represent my family in a very emotional, difficult and contentious custody/removal from state situation. She is extremely honest, straightforward, compassionate and very knowledgeable in how she approaches your unique situation. Sarina will tell you from the get-go what you are going up against and what your best options are and always with the best interest of the child in mind, which should always remain in focus in such cases.

    I could go on and on with accolades about Sarina and what she has accomplished for our family. But behind every great lawyer is a great staff, and I cannot say enough about Sarina’s paralegal, Gloria for all the support and information she has also provided to us. Gloria is always right on top of things and keeps everyone informed of any developments and is always there to answer a question, give advice or talk you off the ledge if you are feeling overwhelmed.

    There is nobody else we’d want by our side with dealing with custody issues than Sarina and Gloria. And there is no doubt in our minds that they are fully committed to doing right by their clients with their excellent legal representation in family court matters and fighting for what is in the best interest of the child(ren) involved as it should be.

    — Dawn
  • She did a great job reviewing my case, representing me in court, and reaching a fair settlement.

    — Anthony
  • I have been dealing with Sarina and Gloria since March on a very complicated child custody case. They go above and beyond, always willing to help and answer my never-ending questions. I am beyond impressed with this practice and have been successful in everything we have gone out to accomplish.

    — Lauren
  • When I made the decision to hire an attorney, I knew I needed to find the best one. I found Sarina on the internet. During my consultation, I knew she was the right person for my case. She is smart, sufficient, knowledgeable in her field and never gave me false hopes. She was always very honest with me. Her staff is amazing. Gloria, her paralegal, is sufficient and has great communication skills. She is on top of everything and is always available should you need advice through email or even a phone call. I’m so glad I chose her to represent me during a difficult time for my family. I am truly happy with the outcome. All I want is what’s best for my daughter and she did just that. Now I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it’s all thanks to Sarina.

    — Rosemary
  • I originally contacted Sarina based on the recommendation of two different people. The first recommendation came from one of her former clients. This former client was very pleased with how Sarina handled her divorce case. The second recommendation came from an Attorney who didn’t handle family cases but assured me that Sarina was a perfect fit for what I needed.

    Based on these recommendations I retained Sarina. It was the best decision I ever made. From our first meeting, I found Sarina to be very honest, compassionate and eager to take on the challenge of my case. During the course of my numerous court hearings, Sarina always worked very hard. She was always prepared, always well informed and always professional.

    Upon hiring Sarina, I also acquired the services of her “no stone left unturned” paralegal, Gloria. After two very difficult years and after all of Sarina’s hard work, she achieved for me, a very favorable outcome. If the darkness and dread of family court are where you are headed, you will want Sarina Gianna to be your guide.

    — Gregory
  • From my initial contact at Ms. Gianna’s office with Ms. Danelson, the office paralegal, and on to my Initial meeting with Sarina Gianna, I was treated professionally and with respect, I was made to feel very at ease, which made explaining my situation in detail so much easier, and one of the most important things for me is, my phone calls to the office were always returned in a timely manner, all of my questions were answered completely, this helped take most of the stress out of some very tough times for me. Asked if I would recommend this Attorney, absolutely yes, I already have to all of my family and friends and all of my union brothers and sisters.

    — Don
  • When approaching a divorce, the unknown fear of the legal side is almost as devastating as the breaking up of a family. Sarina and her paralegal Gloria approached my divorce like two protective sisters. Both of my angels learned every detail of my case. they overlooked and forgot nothing. I couldn’t have been more comfortable and safe. Sarina’s knowledge in the courtroom allowed latitude that would have been otherwise overlooked. In the end, that detail made all the difference. it changed the outcome of the case. Even while in the moment, she kept her cool and focused on the task at hand. The outcome was better than I could have ever wished for. I will never approach any legal situation without Sarina by my side.

    — Johnny
  • I never understood the meaning of “you need an excellent lawyer” until I retained Sarina Gianna. She was able to do what I thought could never be done. Before I met her, I was stalked, terrorized and threaten for 3 years of my life not only through threatening emails and phone calls but my stalker was able to stalk and harassed me through the justice system. I endured going to court over 20 times to several different courts; municipal, family and civil on my own. My stalker was ultimately sentenced and sent to jail. However, He continued to stalk and harass me through the justice system. Something that I didn’t know he can do. When I realized I couldn’t this on my own, I hired Sarina. She didn’t only stop him but she was able to keep him from ever being able to this to me in the future. She and her paralegal Gloria spent countless hours on my case, kept me informed and always assured me that they will stop him. I’m here to tell you they succeeded! She was able to take this beyond what I thought could be because of her he can never file frivolous charges or harass me through our justice ever again. She was able to give me my life and my peace of mind back. I will forever be grateful to Sarina, now I know what an excellent lawyer means.

    — Angela
  • I knew my divorce was going to be difficult. I consulted a few attorneys & finally hired Ms. Gianna. I am very happy with that decision. She handled everything promptly. She is legally aggressive & very compassionate towards her clients. Her support staff is awesome. I’ve consulted her for other issues since the divorce & she has always been helpful. I will continue to use her services & recommend her to anyone needing legal services.

    — Pete
  • Sarina handled my new will, after my divorce. The will was simple and straightforward. My divorce was where she impressed me. She was aggressive without being obviously abrasive. I had the feeling that she was gently leading the other attorney by his nose, without him seeing it. She was extremely subtle, yet forceful. She got it all done in my favor, making a very unhappy situation very tolerable. In short, I don’t impress, but I was impressed.

    — Alex