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Why Should You Keep a Copy of Your NJ Divorce Decree?

You are more than eager to get on with your life now that your divorce has been finalized. However, you would be well advised to always keep your divorce decree, i.e. the final judgment signed by a judge, close at hand as you proceed. This document officially grants your divorce as noted by its gold seal sticker. If you are inclined to dump it in a drawer or other location you are likely to forget it, please continue reading, then contact an experienced Ocean County divorce attorney to learn why you should always keep a copy of your divorce decree on hand in NJ.

What reasons might you have for keeping a copy of your divorce decree in NJ?

You will have a multitude of reasons for keeping a readily accessible copy of your divorce decree, including, but certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Resuming your maiden name: Assuming that you are not just trying to avoid creditors or criminal charges, a divorce decree will permit you to resume your maiden name. After you start this process, a judge will question you as to your motives. Should he or she be satisfied by your answers and the appropriateness of your request, he or she will sign the divorce judgment that includes the full name you wish to assume, the last four digits of your social security number and the date of your birth. Aside from using this document at Social Security and the Department of Motor Vehicles, you will need to obtain an updated passport and, possibly, change the name on your credit cards.
  • Refinancing a home: Those lucky enough to keep the marital residence after a divorce will most likely have to refinance the property in order to excise the name of their former spouse as well as the former spouse’s obligation from the mortgage. The vast majority of mortgage lenders will request to see the divorce decree as proof that you are, in fact, truly divorced and not merely separated.
  • Re-marrying: This might come as a surprise, but in order for you to re-marry, you will need to present a copy of your divorce decree. It should go without saying that bigamy, i.e. being legally married to more than two people simultaneously, is a crime in all fifty states.

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