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Why Does Divorce Spike During the Months of March and August?

Divorce is one of the scariest points in anyone’s life. Very often, divorce is the culmination of something that has been coming for some time; that is to say, very rarely do couples get divorced in a split decision. However, it is a widely-observed trend that many couples divorce either in March or August. This can seem like a strange phenomenon, however, there are several rather logical reasons for divorce to take place in those months.

Generally, divorce filings dip to all-time lows around the Christmas season, and in fact, steadily fall from the end of August until the end of September. Many people chalk this up to the fact that people simply do not wish to spoil the Christmas season, especially if they have children. However, this does not explain the August spike.

A recent study concluded that many couples use summer vacations as a means to give their marriage “one last shot.” When the vacation goes poorly, or they realize they have irreconcilable differences, spouses will very often file for divorce in August. If you are someone who is now seeking a divorce, you must educate yourself and prepare for the divorce process before going ahead and filing. To learn more about the months and weeks to come, read on and speak with our experienced, compassionate divorce and family law firm.

What is the divorce process like?

First, you will file your complaint for divorce with the Superior Court. From here, you may request temporary orders of the court, including child custody related terms that are good until the terms of your divorce are finalized. You will then enter the discovery process, where the court will obtain various types of financial information, such as your pay stubs, W-2s, and other bank records.

From here, you will attend an early settlement panel to try and settle any economic disputes before taking your divorce on trial. If you are unable, you will have to go to trial, where your divorce will enter the litigation process. This is where the court will decide who gets what assets in your divorce. Once the court has reached a decision, the judge will make a Final Judgment of Divorce, finalizing your divorce.

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