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Who’s involved in divorce mediation?

Through mediation, couples can go through an amicable divorce. This process allows for spouses to meet with a neutral third party, along with their own attorneys. The third party is supposed to act as a mediator and guide the conversation toward reaching resolutions on marital issues. Although the mediator is part of the process, they do not decide on the outcomes as a judge does in court. The spouses will work with one another to decide on child custody arrangements, child support, alimony and the division of assets. This process requires cooperation between both parties. It may not be for every couple due to the nature of the divorce and if they are not able to communicate with one another.

How is mediation beneficial?

Mediation can be beneficial due to a variety of reasons. Since mediation is done in a private setting, it can cause spouses to be more honest with one another regarding their opinions on marital issues. It may also cause them to be more comfortable since they are not in the public setting of a courtroom. Couples can continue an amicable relationship between one another, which can benefit them if there are children involved in their family. This may allow them to work together more positively for child custody arrangements. Also, children can see that their parents are working together in a good manner. This can set a good example for them to get along well with others. It can also create less turmoil for them during the divorce of their parents.

Court proceedings can be long. They may go on for months and prove to be costly due to attorney fees. With mediation, spouses are able to take as long as they need to come to a conclusion. This can also cause them to save money by not taking on the long court hours. Since they are able to make decisions themselves, spouses may be more satisfied with the outcome of mediation. By entering into litigation with a contested divorce, they are putting their issues in the hands of the court. The judge has the power to decide on their marital issues. Instead of giving their power to a judge, they are able to have authority during mediation. This can lead to more favorable outcomes for both parties involved. It may also diminish the amount of drama involved in the situation. Court proceedings may bring out the worst in people. By avoiding this, they can avoid unnecessary turmoil.

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