When Can I Stop Paying Alimony in New Jersey?

If you have divorced months or years ago, the alimony agreement reached may no longer reflect you and your former spouse’s financial situations. When this is the case, many spouses will seek to modify their initial alimony agreement. Our experienced New Jersey firm can help. Please continue reading to learn more.

Can my former spouse ask the courts for me to make higher alimony payments?

There are several circumstances that may warrant an increase in alimony payments, and if your former spouse retains experienced legal counsel, there is a very good chance that you may have to increase your alimony payments. However, your former spouse will have to prove that there has been a significant and continuing change of circumstances. Some scenarios that may warrant an increase of alimony payments in New Jersey are as follows:

  • Your former spouse’s cost of living has increased.
  • Your former spouse was injured or developed a medical condition that requires you to increase your support to help with his or her medical bills.
  • You recently received a new, higher-paying job, thus you can afford to pay your spouse higher alimony payments.
  • You receive a large sum of money, such as an inheritance.
  • Your former spouse recently lost his or her home.

Can I terminate or decrease my alimony payments in New Jersey?

Fortunately, for many former spouses who are supporting their former spouse, there are various circumstances that do qualify for termination or decrease in alimony payments. Some of those circumstances are as follows:

  • You can prove that your former spouse is not taking the necessary steps to regain employment.
  • You retire.
  • You lost your job or received a demotion and cannot afford to continue paying alimony.
  • Your former spouse has remarried.
  • Your former spouse has received a job promotion, inheritance, or another large sum of money.
  • Any other factor the court deems relevant.

Do I need an attorney to help terminate alimony benefits in NJ?

Yes, you do, unless you can reach an agreement with your former spouse on your own terms, known as a consent order. However, oftentimes, this is not possible, and when this is the case, you will have to hire an attorney who can file a request for an alimony modification with NJ courts. Our firm can help you receive this modification. Give us a call today.

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