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A mother sits on a couch with her two young children, showing a tablet to the older child while holding the younger one. They seem engaged and content in a cozy living room setting during the holidays.

What You Should Know About Bird’s Nest Custody in New Jersey

If need help determining the correct child custody arrangement for your situation, please read on, then contact an experienced Ocean County child custody attorney to learn what you should know about bird’s nest custody in New Jersey.

Do you qualify for bird’s nest custody in New Jersey?

Strictly speaking, everyone qualifies for bird’s nest custody. You see, bird’s nest custody is when the parents take turns residing in the residence, also known as the “bird’s nest,” with their minor child. It differs from more conventional arrangements in which the child shuttles to and from the two residences of his or her parents. Basically, it is a scheme that allows the minor child to stay in the family home and each legal guardian to reside at the property for an agreed-upon period, then leave when they go “off duty.”

What are the benefits to bird’s nest custody in New Jersey?

The list of benefits for bird’s nest custody is long and varied, but the following are some of the biggest benefits:

  • The stress is placed on the parents, not the minor child
  • The minor child does not have to move around and gets to maintain his or her school, friends, pets and possessions
  • There is little to no disruption to the minor child’s life
  • The transition to a new normal is easier
  • There is less hassle for the parents

You should reach out to a skilled Ocean County family law attorney to discuss your next steps if this approach appeals to you.

How do you arrange bird’s nest custody?

You will first need to evaluate whether or not this arrangement is realistic, starting by determining if both parents will live nearby. After that, you and your spouse, along with your attorneys, will need to draft a formal custody agreement with the Family Court. This agreement should detail the schedule, how the changeover will transpire, how the bills will be divided, who will do the housekeeping and when and how you and your former spouse will make concerted decisions. One of the most important considerations should be whether your finances can support this arrangement. If they can, you should find living quarters for when you are not residing in the family home. This entire process will require extensive communication, which is where having a trusted legal representative on your side will come in handy. Together, we will help hammer out an equitable arrangement for all parties.

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