What Shouldn’t I do When Getting a Divorce?

Divorce is a complicated, oftentimes gloomy process that no one wants to endure. Unfortunately, if you find yourself in a divorce, it’s too late to turn back now. While you may harbor feelings of anger, or even hatred towards your spouse for infidelity, for instance, you cannot let your emotions get the best of you. Likewise, there are several other actions you must avoid taking while getting a divorce, because they will only cost you in the long run. To have a swift, productive, and non-combative divorce, please read on to learn more about what you should do–or rather, not do.

  • Do not post about your ex on social media: Many people blow off steam by ranting on social media, which, in some cases, is totally fine and acceptable. However, even if your spouse deserves everyone knowing he or she lied or was unfaithful in some way, posting about your ex on social media will almost never work in your favor.
  • Do not send your ex-spouse angry text messages: Similarly to posting on social media, these text messages may be used against you. Have you ever said something you regret, and had it replay over and over in your mind all day? Imagine having to repeat what you said in front of a courtroom full of people. It happens. Keep all texts and social media posts “PG.”
  • Do not freely post or talk about having a new partner until your divorce is finalized: Even if you met this person after you’ve moved out and are no longer romantically involved with your ex, posting pictures of your new companion can certainly be used to argue you were having an affair.
  • Do not post or openly share big vacations or purchases: If you argue that you cannot afford to pay spousal or child support, though it can be proven that you frequently go out to eat, or recently made a big purchase on something you didn’t truly need, they may use this as evidence against you.
  • If you have children, do not use them as chess pieces: Unfortunately, if you have children, they are, unavoidably, involved in your divorce. However, you can mitigate the damage of divorce by treating your children with respect, listening to them, allowing them to receive therapy if they please, and most of all, avoid badmouthing your spouse and turning your children against them.

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