What is New Jersey’s Parenting Education Program?

When parents in New Jersey decide that they would like to get a divorce, they will have to address a number of different matters related to their children. Of course, this is a difficult and emotional time for the entire family, especially the children. One of the major concerns for parents who have a shared custody agreement may be that they are unsure of how parenting after divorce is completed. It can be difficult for many parents to learn how to work together after separating.

The state of New Jersey requires that all parents who are getting divorced to participate in the Parenting Education Program. The purpose of this requirement is to help newly divorced spouses that have children together to ease into the next phase of co-parenting. Both parents are usually required to attend the Parenting Education Program but are permitted to do so separately. Some of the many topics that are addressed during this course include the following:

  • The financial responsibilities of the parent for the children after the divorce is finalized
  • Helping their children cope with the psychological and emotional implications of the divorce
  • Helping their children adjust to the new lifestyle after the divorce
  • Informing the parents that their behavior can be a source of emotional distress on the children

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