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What Assets Are at Stake in a New Jersey Divorce?

One of the hardest things anybody will have to endure is a divorce. Divorces are complicated, both emotionally, legally, and financially. Fortunately, our firm understands this, which is why we are here to provide you with compassionate legal guidance in your time of need. Please read on and reach out to our experienced New Jersey divorce attorney to learn more about how our firm can help you through the equitable distribution process. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What is the litigation process like?

When spouses cannot agree on the terms of their divorce, they are in what is known as a contested divorce. Unfortunately, contested divorces very often enter the litigation process, where certain marital assets, as well as other aspects of your life, will be up for equitable distribution. Rather obviously, nobody ever wants to lose what’s theirs, so you can bet your spouse will hire an experienced legal team who will aggressively fight on their behalf–that is why you must do the same.

What is marital property?

Marital property is generally considered assets you’ve accumulated throughout your marriage. Some of these assets can include your house, your car, retirement funds, yearly income, and more. On the flip side, separate property is generally property acquired before or outside of your marriage, such as gifts or inheritances. However, courts will sometimes make exceptions, so you must ensure you have the right attorney on your side who is ready to fight for your rights, every step of the way.

How will the courts decide who gets what in a divorce?

Courts will consider several different factors when settling your divorce. Some of these factors can include the duration of your marriage, your yearly incomes, whether you have children, and whether your spouse will qualify for child support or spousal support. Additionally, New Jersey courts will also consider you and your spouse’s age, the value of your property, and more. Generally, courts will seek to work in the best interest of the financially dependent spouse, or in your child’s best interest. For trusted legal assistance when you need it most, speak with our firm today.

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Matters of divorce and family law require the attention and skill of an experienced attorney who will fight for your future. Not only is your financial well-being at stake, but in a divorce, both you and your children’s emotional well-being are at risk as well. If you need a divorce and family law attorney in Ocean County, New Jersey, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Sarina Gianna, LLC today to schedule a consultation.