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Tips to Consider When Navigating Divorce in Your Early 20s

If you are navigating a divorce in your early 20s, continue reading to discover the top tips to consider. For assistance with your upcoming divorce, do not hesitate to contact our Ocean County divorce attorney. We are here to help.

Utilize a support system.

Going through a divorce in your early 20s can be a tough time. Many individuals in their 20s will be surrounded by friends and family members who want them to attend their weddings and baby showers. It is okay to mourn the loss of your marriage. However, the best way to push through these emotions is to surround yourself with a support system. It is important to understand that you do not need to go through this stage in your life. You can count on your family and friends to support you through these times. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and leaning on your support system. You may want to consider talking with a professional and attending therapy sessions or counseling.

Avoid social media.

It can come as second nature for individuals in their 20s to spend a lot of their time scrolling through social media and updating their profiles. However, it is recommended that anyone facing a divorce should avoid social media when facing a legal process. It is best to avoid posting personal information on your social media while you proceed. This includes avoiding Facebook, Instagram Twitter, and more. This will ensure that your former spouse will not have the leverage to bring up social media posts in court. This is especially important for individuals who are facing custody arrangements.

Achieve financial stability.

Between $23,000 and $46,000 is the average amount of debt individuals in their 20s have. You and your former spouse may have signed on to all or most of your debt that you have accumulated as a couple. This means that you will owe the full amount, regardless of the purpose of the debt.

Consider the following tips to achieve financial stability as you face your upcoming divorce:

  • Consdier consolidation
  • Use extra payment programs
  • Pay off your largest debts first
  • Downsize
  • Develop a strict budget
  • Cut things out of your budget that you no longer use

Contact our experienced Ocean City firm

Matters of divorce and family law require the attention and skill of an experienced attorney who will fight for your future. Not only is your financial well-being at stake, but in a divorce, both you and your children’s emotional well-being are at risk as well. If you need a divorce and family law attorney in Ocean County, New Jersey, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Sarina Gianna, LLC today to schedule a consultation.