Who Gets the House in an NJ Divorce?

If you are someone who is ready to get divorced, there is a very good chance you have a lot on your mind, especially if children are involved. If you do have children, then sorting out child custody is most likely your top priority, however, if you are a homeowner, keeping your house is most […]

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What is Divorce From Bed and Board in New Jersey?

Many states offer a formal process for legal separation. New Jersey, however, does not. Instead, New Jersey recognizes what is known as divorce from bed and board. If you get a divorce from bed and board with your spouse, it means that you are economically separated, though you are still legally married to that spouse. […]

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Property Division in the Wake of COVID-19

If you are someone who was in the midst of, or was about to enter the divorce process, there is a very good chance it was interrupted, at least to a certain degree, by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most important facets of the divorce process is property division. Please continue reading and reach […]

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What is a Post-Divorce Modification?

Though most people simply wish to put their divorce behind them, the truth is, as your life changes, you may need to revisit some of the terms initially established in your divorce. Fortunately, in many cases, you can obtain a post-divorce modification. Please continue reading and speak with our experienced New Jersey divorce attorney to […]

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How No-Fault Divorce Works in New Jersey

Divorce is an overwhelming process for many, especially if you and your spouse cannot agree on its terms. Fortunately, with the right attorney on your side, it does not have to be so emotionally, physically, and financially draining. Fortunately for many couples, New Jersey is a no-fault state, which means couples can file no-fault divorces. […]

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Things You Need to Know About Divorce in 2020

Over the years, the nature of divorce has changed. In recent times, our firm has noticed several significant shifts in divorce, all of which can have an impact on a divorce’s outcome and its fallout. If you are someone who is getting a divorce, read on and reach out to our experienced New Jersey divorce […]

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Many Spouses Begin the Divorce Process in the Month of January

Many attorneys report that they see a significant increase in divorce filings in January. Though there is much speculation as to why this is, experts tend to believe that spouses are generally reluctant to get divorced before the holidays, especially if they have children and do not want them to associate the holiday season with […]

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How Can a Divorce Affect my Business?

If you own a business and are getting divorced, you may be wondering whether your business is up for grabs. There are few things worse than knowing all your hard work may be in jeopardy, which is why we are here to help. Please read on and speak with our experienced New Jersey divorce attorney […]

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What Assets Are at Stake in a New Jersey Divorce?

One of the hardest things anybody will have to endure is a divorce. Divorces are complicated, both emotionally, legally, and financially. Fortunately, our firm understands this, which is why we are here to provide you with compassionate legal guidance in your time of need. Please read on and reach out to our experienced New Jersey […]

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