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How Can I Modify Child Support Payments in New Jersey?

Rather obviously, everything in life changes. Whether it be from year to year, or day to day, everyone’s situation changes in some way or another. This is why when one parent is paying child support, he or she may believe that it’s time to decrease their support payments due to a significant change. Of course, this can work the opposite way as well, and certain parents may believe they need more child support to sustain their child’s standard of living due to a significant change in their lives. Whatever the case may be, to learn more about child support modifications and your legal options going forward, please read on. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are the grounds for an increase in child support payments?

Several different scenarios may constitute an increase in child support payments. They are as follows:

  • The dependent parent or child suffered a serious injury or illness, and now requires financial means to provide adequate medical assistance
  • Federal income tax laws have changed, and the dependent parent cannot keep up
  • The supporting parent’s income has increased, and can now afford to pay out more of the child support their son or daughter needs
  • The dependent parent lost their home, and now needs the means to shelter his or her children

What are the grounds for a decrease in child support payments?

Requesting a decrease in child support payments as a supporting parent can be difficult to achieve, so you must ensure you are doing so earnestly and in good faith, as the courts may question your motives. Some valid grounds for requesting a decrease in child support payments are as follows:

  • The supporting parent’s cost of living has increased, and the parent can no longer afford to pay child support
  • The dependent parent either recently remarried or has entered into a cohabiting relationship with another person
  • The supporting parent suffered a serious injury or illness, leaving him or her very few funds to take care of their child
  • The federal income tax laws have changed
  • The supporting parent’s income has either decreased, or the supporting party lost his or her job
  • The dependent parent’s income has increased, or they went from being unemployed to employed.

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