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Dating During a New Jersey Divorce | What You Need to Know

Many people do not realize it, but when it comes to divorce, there are certain behaviors it is important to avoid. Read on to learn more about the dos and don’ts of divorce proceedings, including whether dating during a divorce is acceptable.


If you are getting a divorce, you should do the following:

  • If you have to pay your spouse, do so via check or another way that the exchange is documented
  • Pay alimony and child support on time, and don’t stop paying alimony until your agreement is terminated
  • Be a good co-paren
  • Ensure that you closely follow all court-ordered injunctions and restrictions
  • Change your passwords to bank accounts, social media, etc.
  • Disclose your liabilities and assets
  • Ensure you fully understand the tax implications of your divorce–you can do this with an accountant
  • If you have an alcohol addiction or substance abuse problem, seek help immediately
  • Document all the dates and times you pick up or drop off your children
  • Have a financial plan in place for when you are living alone
  • Ensure you have your last two tax returns
  • Get a credit report–having good credit is key
  • Know the balance on your retirement plans
  • Ensure you receive a copy of your spouse’s last two paycheck stubs


When it comes to divorce, it is important that you do not engage in the following:

  • Being dishonest with your attorney
  • Posting about your spouse on social media
  • Move away with your children
  • Get pregnant
  • Send threatening texts to your spouse
  • Posting about your divorce on social media
  • Posting about a new relationship on social media–you should not start another relationship during divorce proceedings
  • Tell your spouse he or she cannot be with the kids
  • Give out large contributions to organizations or otherwise
  • Speak badly about your spouse in front of your children
  • Remove your children from school
  • Make large purchases while proceedings are going on
  • Sell property

What are the Implications of Dating During a Divorce?

Dating during a divorce can have serious negative consequences. First of all, if your spouse filed for divorce on the grounds of adultery, your behavior may help to back up their claims. Additionally, dating during a divorce can affect custody rulings, as bringing new people around your children can have negative impacts on a child.

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