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Can child support cover the cost of college expenses?

College can be an expensive investment for young adults. Whether they have help from one parent or both, college can put them in a lot of debt. College is an investment that young people wish to make if they want to achieve a higher level of education and work toward a specific career path. The decision on which college to go to can largely depend on how much the tuition costs. Over the years, colleges and universities have grown more and more expensive. Even with student loans and work-study jobs, students may find it hard to keep up with these costs. There may be times when their divorced parent may be obligated to pay for their college expenses. A court may have to decide on this case if the parents disagree on how to pay for their child’s education. They may consider various factors before this decision is made. These factors can include the total contribution sought, the capability of the parent to pay, the school and course of study, the economic capacity of each parent, the commitment and talent of the child, the accessibility of financial aid and the relationship between the child and the parents.

Isn’t the child considered emancipated at this point?

In New Jersey, children may be seen as emancipated at age 19. This would then put an end to child support. However, if they decide to pursue a higher level of education, the situation may be different. The child can be considered emancipated at 19 if they do not seek a higher education and have acquired gainful employment. If the child wishes to attend a college or university, the parent may still be eligible to pay child support since the child is not considered to be emancipated. Each case can be different though. It is important to seek legal help if you do not know how to handle these situations.

Courts will follow the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines to ensure that the child is being taken care of. A child’s needs always come first. Their well-being will be taken into account by the judge to make the right decision for the situation.

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