Are You Selfish For Wanting a Divorce in New Jersey?

You have put untold effort into salvaging your marriage, but nothing seems to work. If for no other reason than preserving your sanity, you feel you need to separate from your spouse. But are you selfish for wanting a divorce in New Jersey? And what about your children? If you are asking yourself these very questions, please read on, then contact an experienced Ocean County divorce attorney to discuss whether a divorce is in your and your children’s best interests?

Will a divorce hurt your children in New Jersey?

No, a divorce will not necessarily prove detrimental to you or your children. Most experts will tell you that divorce is preferential to a toxic marriage. Research shows that about 80 percent of children of divorce adapt to the circumstances without lasting damage to their scholastic performance, social adjustment or mental and emotional health. If both parents or primary caregivers maintain positive, supportive relationships with their children, engage in polite discourse, avoid criticizing one another in front of the children and express clear and unambiguous love and concern for said children, they will most likely thrive.

Also, in light of the fact that research has shown that divorced women who never remarry tend to lead happier, more fulfilling lives, you will be a much better parent than one who is trapped in an unhealthy relationship. The same can apply to men.

How is a divorce beneficial?

Divorce provides you with the following benefits:

  • The chance to relax
  • More freedom
  • The opportunity to realize your dreams
  • Pursuing what makes you happy
  • Fewer toxic people surrounding you
  • The ability to meet new people
  • More time for self-care
  • Reuniting with friends
  • Decreased tension with your ex
  • Becoming a better parent

Do you need an Ocean County divorce attorney?

Strictly speaking, no, you do not. However, reaching out to an Ocean County family law attorney can help you reach the fairest and most equitable solution for you, your children and even your former spouse. A legal representative will have the requisite knowledge and skill to bring your case to a positive conclusion. Life is too short to be trapped in an unhappy marriage. Give yourself and your children the best possible chance at happiness. Give us a call today.

Contact our experienced Ocean County firm

Matters of divorce and family law require the attention and skill of an experienced attorney who will fight for your future. Not only is your financial well-being at stake, but in a divorce, both you and your children’s emotional well-being are at risk as well. If you need a divorce and family law attorney in Ocean County, New Jersey, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Sarina Gianna, LLC today to schedule a consultation.