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What to Know About Adoption in New Jersey

Many families consider adoption for a multitude of reasons. Every family is different, so their adoption needs and goals will be different as well. For this reason, there are many different types of adoptions. Read on to learn more about the different types of adoptions in New Jersey.

Different Types of Adoptions

When considering adoption, it is important to determine the type of adoption you would like to pursue. Some potential options include:

  • Domestic adoption: This type of adoption occurs when someone who lives in the United States adopts a child who was born in, and lives in, the United States.
  • International adoption: Adopting a child who was not born in the United States and is living in another country. This process can be complex and may require a lot of travel.
  • Stepparent adoption:  If a step-parent wishes to adopt his or her stepchild, he or she must get permission from the child’s non-custodial parent. In some cases, the rights of the biological parent will be terminated and the step-parent will not need his or her permission to adopt. But, these rights are usually only terminated if there is evidence of child abuse or neglect.
  • Second-parent adoption: A second-parent adoption allows a same-sex parent to adopt his or her biological or adoptive child without terminating the first parent’s legal status as a parent.
  • Private adoption: This occurs when adopting a child you already know or adopting through the child’s biological parent. Usually, you will not have to go through an adoption agency in this case. This may occur during a family adoption: This often happens when one or both biological parents are absent or unsuitable to care for the child and another adult wants to step in and claim parental rights. Some of the family members that may wish to consider the adoption process include the child’s step-parent, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or others.
  • LGBT adoption: Members of the LGBT community may adopt a child in the state of New Jersey, though LGBT adoption is complicated in other states.
  • Adult adoption: This form of adoption exists between two or more adults, and its main purpose is to transfer inheritance rights and/or filiation.

Adopting a child is a wonderful event in one’s life, but it can be a difficult process. If you are considering adoption of any kind, contact our firm today to discuss.

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