Family Law Attorney And Mediator For Brick, New Jersey

In many cases, the divorce itself is just the first of many legal issues that must be addressed. I represent people in Brick, Toms River and throughout Ocean County in all family law matters that can arise from divorce, including alimony, child custody and visitation, child support, complex property division and business valuation. Uniquely, I am also able to offer a range of family law services from traditional representation to private divorce mediation, where appropriate, and even offer convenient online bundled services for those cases where you might otherwise be able to represent yourself, but need help with pleadings and document preparation and review.

When facing a legal issue, whether it's a divorce, a traffic ticket or allegations of domestic violence, many people have questions. They want to know what their rights and options are so they can pursue the best possible course of action. I can answer those questions and work with you to devise an appropriate strategy to address your problem.

Sarina Gianna