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Who makes decisions during mediation?

During divorce mediation, decisions need to be made. These marital issues can be resolved in mediation by couples. This process needs to be completed by couples unless they would rather go through litigation. Couples can go use mediation to resolve their issues. During this process, couples will need to decide on important issues, such as alimony, child support, child custody arrangements and the division of assets. Although they will be joined by a mediator, the spouses are the ones who make decisions in mediation sessions. Through mediation, they can solve their issues without having to enter into litigation where a judge is in charge of making decisions.

Spouses meet with a neutral third party that serves as a mediator during this process. This mediator aids them during the process to ensure that they are working together to make decisions. The mediator does not make decisions for the couple though. Instead, the couple must work together to make compromises with one another. They should talk about their marital issues and how they can come up with a solution to satisfy both parties. While it may be hard to satisfy both parties for each issue, it is something that should be worked towards. If couples cannot decide on these issues themselves, they may have to enter court where a judge is in charge of making decisions. This can be slightly nerve-wracking since the spouses will not be in control of their own marital issues, but rather would be putting the power in the judge’s hands.

How can I benefit from mediation?

During mediation sessions, couples are in a more private setting. This can encourage them to open up with one another. They may be more honest about their marital issues, which can lead to making compromises in a quicker manner. Throughout mediation, couples can meet in multiple sessions with a mediator and their lawyers. They can take as long as they need for this process. This may make it a shorter process than litigation would be. Not only can this save the spouses time, but it can also help save them money. They may not have to pay as many legal or attorney fees. If children are a part of the family, parents can be able to set a good example for them by going through mediation and working together. This can show that they are committed to working together to make the children’s lives happy and healthy.

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