Who is the Custodial Parent After a Divorce?

Parents who go through a divorce are required to settle new arrangements for the future of their child. Part of the divorce proceedings centers around custody. During this time, parents can be awarded physical and legal custody of their child. The parent who has physical custody is the child’s custodial parent.

Responsibilities of a Custodial Parent

The job of a child’s custodial parent comes with very important responsibilities. With this position, the parent must provide the child with basic stability throughout their life. This includes making sure they have a home, food, clothing, an education, and more. It is crucial that they put the child’s best interest first to ensure they have a healthy upbringing.

How are Custody Arrangements Made?

When parents go through a divorce, it can greatly impact a child. They often wonder when they will get to see their parents. It is because of this that custody matters are handled sensitively. When a judge determines custody for a couple, they are required by law to make a decision that most benefits the child. When reaching this decision, they consider several other factors that relate to the family and the needs of the child. It is the court’s first priority to ensure the child is raised in a happy and safe environment.

What is Legal Custody?

While physical custody establishes the custodial parent, legal custody covers a different aspect of a child’s life. This custody gives a parent the right to be involved in making important decisions for their child throughout their upbringing. These can include matters such as education, healthcare, religious practices, and more. It is important for a parent to fight for legal custody even if they do not have physical custody.

Can Custody Arrangements Change?

When a decision is reached regarding custody, the judge does their best to make a decision that is best for the child at the time. However, they cannot predict the future and family circumstances can change over time. This is why custody arrangements can be modified. This allows adjustments to be made in order to fit new family situations.

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