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What You Need to Know About Including Virtual Visits/Video Chats in Your Parenting Time Plan

If you are a divorced co-parent, there is a strong chance that you know how challenging sharing child custody with your ex can be. That being said, you may have found that amid the coronavirus pandemic, sharing child custody has become even more challenging. Of course, we know that as a divorced co-parent, spending time with, and raising your child is most likely your primary concern in life, which is why being unable to see your child for one reason or another can make matters confusing and upsetting.

Fortunately, there is an alternative, and you may include this alternative in your child custody or parenting plan: virtual visits/video chats. If you believe this may be a viable option for you, our firm is here to help. Please continue reading and speak with our experienced New Jersey family law attorney to learn more about how we can arrange to include virtual visits/video chats in your parenting time plan. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How do New Jersey courts determine child custody agreements?

When New Jersey courts analyze your case, they will consider a wide array of factors, however, their decision will ultimately be based on your child’s best interests. For this reason, as a co-parent, it is critical that you always act in your child’s best interests as well. Therefore, if there comes a time where you are unable to see your child, whether due to a sickness that you do not want to spread or otherwise, you should keep in mind that there are alternatives available, such as virtual visits/video chats, and we can have these visits included in your parenting time plan.

Practical Tips for Virtual Visits/Video Chats With Your Child

  • Ask your child what time is best for him or her to video chat–you can make the most of your time when your child is up for the task and does not have any distractions.
  • Though the primary purpose of these chats is simply to talk and stay in contact with your child, you can also suggest playing games, helping your child with his or her homework, and more.
  • If you do not care whether your former spouse is in the room with your child, then disregard this tip–however, if you wish to speak with your child alone so you can have a private conversation, you are entitled to.
  • Video chats should not be a full-time replacement for face-to-face interaction with your child.

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