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What Should I Do if I Suspect my Ex is Putting My Child at Risk in New Jersey?

You can’t protect your child from all of life’s dangers and difficult situations. However, you can take certain steps to protect them when you suspect harm coming from within the family or people close to it during visitation or any other time. However, it is a significant matter to accuse someone of child abuse, so you need to be careful before you accuse your ex or their new mate of abuse. Making unsubstantiated claims may backfire on the accuser. Nevertheless, you should not wait until someone gets seriously hurt. For more information on what you should do if you suspect your ex is putting your child at risk in New Jersey, please read on, then contact an experienced Ocean County child custody attorney soon.

How do I know if my ex is putting my child at risk in New Jersey?

You might become aware of abuse or neglect by an ex-spouse or someone close to them in any number of ways, including your child:

  • Coming home from a visit with marks on their body
  • Behaving in an unusual manner
  • Saying something about the visit

Because both children and adults are dealing with new and difficult circumstances of the divorce, it may be hard to tell what exactly is going on. Just remember that abuse accusations are very serious and capable of causing upheaval in the lives of everyone involved. While your child may be exhibiting a psychological change or weird behavior for an innocuous reason, you can’t ignore the possibility of wrongdoing.

How do I get help for my child if I suspect my ex is putting them at risk?

You can turn to the court to modify your arrangement if you do suspect abuse during visitation. Generally, when parents raise no issues, the courts will interfere as little as possible. However, the best interests of the child will guide them when determining visitation and other child-related matters. A court can order that visitation happen in a designated location, in public places or even in special facilities if you show the court that abuse is taking place or that the child may be in danger. Courts decide child custody and visitation when a divorce occurs, but arrangements are never final. You can apply to modify the arrangement if circumstances change or new information comes to light. You should call the police and address the abuse immediately in an emergency situation.

Do not delay if you are divorced and suspect your ex-spouse or someone close to them now is abusing your child. Meet with an Ocean County family law attorney before taking any action.

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