What is Spousal Support in New Jersey?

If you are someone who is going through the divorce process, you are most likely wondering whether you will receive alimony, or spousal support, in your divorce agreement. Please continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable Brick, New Jersey divorce attorney to learn more about spousal support and whether you may receive it. Here are some of the questions you may have about the legal process ahead:

What are the different types of spousal support available in New Jersey?

There are various types of alimony that New Jersey courts may award a spouse, however, the type of alimony that spouse receives largely depends on the duration of their marriage. The most common types of alimony in New Jersey are as follows:

  • Open durational alimony: Open durational alimony is reserved for individuals who’ve been married for more than 20 years. Though open durational alimony is not permanent, there is not a set date of termination.
  • Limited duration alimony: If you are someone who has been married for less than 20 years, you will most likely be awarded limited duration alimony, which is alimony with a predetermined date of termination in place.
  • Rehabilitative alimony: Rehabilitative alimony is in place to help spouses while they seek higher education or retraining to better their lives financially. Typically, this type of alimony is awarded when one spouse deferred his or her career goals or left the workforce to support the other’s advancement.
  • Reimbursement alimony: If you are a spouse who supported your spouse financially so he or she could go to school or otherwise before a divorce, there is a very good chance that you may qualify for reimbursement alimony.

How do New Jersey courts determine spousal support/alimony?

Though the duration of your marriage is the most important factor when it comes to determining spousal support, it is not the only factor. Some of the additional factors New Jersey courts will consider are as follows:

  • Both spouses’ earning capacity
  • The financial needs of the dependent spouse
  • The standard of living established in the marriage
  • Parental responsibility
  • Tax consequences
  • The ability of the independent spouse to pay
  • Whether there are children involved

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