What Happens if I Share Legal Custody of a Child and My Former Spouse Does Not Want Him/Her to Return to School?

The coronavirus has drastically changed the way we go about our days. We must wear masks everywhere, we limit the amount of time we spend in public, and, in many cases, we are unemployed. This has taken a drastic toll on our economy and, most importantly, our families. One type of family that is currently facing a unique set of complications as a result of the new coronavirus is those where divorced parents share legal custody of their children.

As the virus seemingly begins to dwindle down in New York and New Jersey, many divorced co-parents and their children are faced with a critical question: should we let our children return to school? Many schools in NY and NJ have already begun developing plans for reopening in the fall, whether it be full on or some sort of a hybrid plan. The problem is that while for many parents, this is great news, for others, they are not so sure about sending their children back into what is considered a potentially dangerous zone.

Rather obviously, if you and your former spouse share legal custody of a child and disagree on whether you think your child should return to school in the fall, this creates a very serious dilemma. Of course, nobody doubts that you are both simply looking out for the best interests of your child, however different parenting styles, reservations about the severity of the virus, etc. all help create one giant gray area. That being said, though the best way for you, your former spouse, and your child to reach a decision is by simply working together and talking it out on your own, this is not always possible, and if it isn’t, you should strongly consider hiring an experineced New Jersey family law mediator.

What is the purpose of hiring a mediator?

Essentially, a family law mediator is an unbiased, neutral third party, appointed by both you and your former spouse, who will listen to both of your concerns and work to establish some sort of middle ground compromise. Oftentimes, former spouses feel this is the best, cleanest, and least-confrontational way to make critical decisions. Our firm has mediated countless family law disputes over the years, and we are ready to help you do the same. If this sounds like something that may work for you and your family, please do not hesitate to give us a call today. We are here to help.

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