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A mother sits on a couch with her two young children, showing a tablet to the older child while holding the younger one. They seem engaged and content in a cozy living room setting during the holidays.

What Are the Most Common Family Law Issues Around the Holidays?

The holidays can be stressful for many families. It can be a complicated time of year for divorced parents who share custody. To discover the most common family law issues that may come up during the holiday season and tips for resolving these issues, continue reading and speak with our family law attorney serving clients in Brick, NJ.

Sharing Custody

Parents, of course, want to spend as much time as possible with their children around the holidays. This may make sharing custody with a former spouse difficult. Luckily, there are common solutions to those family law issues. One of the most popular solutions for sharing custody during the holidays is to dedicate alternative years for both spouses.

Changing Custody

It is common for parents who share custody to realize that they have a set custody arrangement that no longer works for them during the holiday season. Parents may seek to change the agreement during this busy time as both individuals struggle to spend time with their children. Changing a custody agreement can be difficult in a last-minute scenario. However, with the right attorney in your corner, they will help you to come to a resolution that works best for everyone involved.

Visitation Rights

Other family members may be curious about their visitation rights around the holidays as well. Visitation rights will depend on the custody agreement that has been put into place by the parents. For the most part, visitation is up to the discretion of the parents. If you are a family member who is wondering about your visitation rights around the holidays this year, you must retain the services of a dedicated family law attorney serving clients in Brick, NJ. Our legal team at the Law Offices of Sarina Gianna, LLC will provide you with the information necessary to tackle this situation.

If you are working through family law issues around the holidays, our firm is here to help. We understand that this time of year is stressful and overwhelming, especially for former spouses who are sharing custody. Our legal team is prepared to explore all of your possible options. To learn more about our services and how we can assist you during this time, give our firm a call today.

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