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Many Spouses Begin the Divorce Process in the Month of January

Many attorneys report that they see a significant increase in divorce filings in January. Though there is much speculation as to why this is, experts tend to believe that spouses are generally reluctant to get divorced before the holidays, especially if they have children and do not want them to associate the holiday season with divorce. However, once a stressful holiday has come to pass, spouses will often go for a divorce. In many situations, especially if the spouses mutually agree on the divorce, they will file a no-fault, uncontested divorce, where they can both walk away with the assets of which they agree they are entitled.

However, unfortunately, this is generally not the case. When spouses cannot agree on their divorce terms, they will have what is known as a contested divorce, wherein their assets will generally enter the litigation process. This is very often stressful for both spouses, as their assets will generally be up for equitable distribution. Simply put, this means that a judge will decide the outcome of their divorce in a courtroom setting. Rather obviously, this can be extremely overwhelming, which is why you must hire an experienced, compassionate New Jersey divorce attorney who is ready to listen to your wishes, and fight for your best interests, every step of the way.

That being said, if a contested divorce sounds frightening to you, in certain cases, couples can turn a contested divorce into an uncontested divorce via mediation. Our firm is equally dedicated to mediation, and we are more than happy to help you and your spouse through the mediation process.

Essentially, a divorce mediator’s job is to work as a neutral, unbiased third-party whom you and your spouse both agree upon. The mediator will then help you and your spouse hash out a compromise that works for you both, all while outside of the courtroom setting. Of course, this is not for everyone, as some differences and wishes are so contentious that a compromise between spouses cannot be met.

No matter your situation, our Ocean City firm is here to help you through every step of your divorce so that you can confidently move on with your life. We are here to help.

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