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How are child custody arrangements made?

Upon divorce, couples need to decide on many issues. Their marital issues need to be resolved before their divorce is finalized. This can include child custody arrangements if children are involved in the marriage. Children need to be put first when these arrangements are made. When they are made in court, a judge will oversee the case and keep the child’s best interests in mind to decide what arrangement would be best for them. This can grant one parent with legal custody and one with physical custody. In some extreme cases, one parent may be given physical and legal custody. This is saved for cases where one parent is deemed unfit. If they are deemed unfit as a parent, they may not be given any rights as a guardian. However, they may still be able to have visitation rights. This can allow them to see their child and spend time with them, however, they may have these visits supervised.

Divorce can be hard on children since they may not be able to comprehend the full extent of it. It is important to recognize any signs of changed behavior that are present in the child. The custody arrangement that is made can have a big impact on them and how they react. When parents cooperate with one another and act amicably, they may be able to ease the child’s transition. Physical custody names one parent as the custodial parent after divorce. This means that the child will reside with this parent on a regular basis in their home. Legal custody refers to the ability to make decisions for your child. When parents are given this right, they can decide on important issues for the child’s well-being.

Can these arrangements be changed?

Custody arrangements are court-ordered agreements that parents must follow or they may have consequences brought upon them. Parents must follow these arrangements or they may face penalties in retribution for their lack of cooperation with the agreement, such as being held in contempt of court. This has the ability to affect their rights for their child. As circumstances change in a parent’s life or in the child’s life, the arrangement may have to be revisited. These arrangements can be modified to better fit the lives of these individuals.

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