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How can I adopt a child?

When potential parents are considering the process of adoption, they should look at all different kinds of adoption to see which would best suit their situation. The process can depend on where the child is coming from. When the child is in the United States, it can be a domestic adoption, which may be quicker […]

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How does equitable distribution work?

After couples file for divorce, there are many decisions that must be made. Filing for divorce may be one of the hardest decisions, but the decisions that still need to be decided on can be difficult as well. During this time, couples are experiencing enough emotional distress with the breakdown of their marriage. They must […]

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What are prenuptial agreements for?

Prenuptial agreements are for couples that are getting married. Before marriage, they can opt to create and sign a prenuptial agreement. Although this topic can be quite controversial, it can prove to be beneficial for individuals that enter into a marriage together. Unfortunately, divorce can become quite real due to a variety of situations. Instead […]

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Who divides assets in divorce?

Divorce comes with many other decisions. Spouses have to divide their lives since they will go their separate ways. These decisions can be made in a few different ways. People can either make these decisions during divorce mediation or through litigation. With these two processes, assets can be divided first into separate and marital property. […]

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How can a divorce become contested?

When spouses file for divorce, they are able to make it a contested or uncontested divorce. This depends on the reason they cite for the divorce. When a divorce is considered to be uncontested, spouses may be able to go through a more efficient process that is often less emotionally demanding to decide on marital […]

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How are child relocation cases handled?

During the divorce process, these cases also need to decide on child custody arrangements. With these arrangements, it will decide how the child will spend time with their parents. Once these parents are divorced, it can lead to separate lives. They will be legally divorced and start a new life apart from one another. This can […]

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How can my assets be decided after divorce?

Divorce is one of the hardest decisions that people have to make in their lives. After a divorce is decided upon, more difficult decisions still need to be made. When individuals are not able to make these decisions for themselves during divorce mediation, a judge may have to decide on issues for them. These marital […]

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