The Role Of The Family Law Paralegal

Gloria Danelson, Paralegal

When you hire me, Sarina Gianna as your family law attorney, you will also benefit from her experienced, talented and compassionate paralegal, Gloria Danelson. Gloria is specially trained to perform a variety of functions within the context of many different family law matters. She has over 10 years of experience and has been handling a variety of family law matters her entire career. She routinely assists clients with compiling their financial information, prepares motion papers, compiles exhibits, prepares discovery requests, reviews incoming pleadings and ensures your file is meticulously maintained from the day it's opened to the day your case is finalized.

Gloria is very detail-oriented, organized and a master at multitasking. Because I am often handling matters for our clients in the courtroom, Gloria is typically fielding client questions and phone calls, performing research and preparing discovery responses or pleadings, all in an effort to keep your file moving along toward a resolution.

A paralegal is bound by the same Rules of Ethics that lawyers are bound by. The major differences are that a paralegal may never give legal advice and can never represent the client in court. Like myself, Ms. Danelson must prepare time sheets, which accurately reflect the work she does in accordance with the hourly rate charged to the client. Naturally, a paralegal's rate for services is significantly less than the attorney's rate, which reduces the costs to the clients, when the paralegal can undertake the task instead of the attorney.

Paralegals may go to court to assist at the time of trial or complex oral argument, or attend mediations or conferences. You will find that Gloria is a compassionate listener and willing and ready to assist our clients however possible.

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