Ocean County Enforcement Lawyer For Custody And Support Orders

After a divorce, many people just want to move on with their lives. However, that can be difficult when one party refuses to fulfill their obligations under a divorce or child custody agreement.

I am Sarina Gianna, a lawyer helping people in Ocean County, New Jersey, pursue enforcement of court orders after divorce.

Attorney Seeking Enforcement Of Post-Divorce Orders For Brick And Toms River

A person can typically seek to enforce an order when the other party in a divorce is not abiding by the terms of the divorce decree. Some examples of such a situation include:

  • A noncustodial parent failing to meet his or her child support obligations
  • A custodial parent denying scheduled visitation to a noncustodial parent
  • A former spouse withholding alimony payments
  • A former spouse violating other equitable distribution terms, such as refusing to sell the marital home when the agreement requires a sale

In any of these situations, I can help you file a motion to have the order enforced.

I also help people seek modifications of orders when the terms are no longer practical or realistic. It is possible to modify orders for alimony, child support and child custody if there has been a substantial change in circumstances for one or both parties.

Contact An Ocean County Attorney For Enforcement Of Orders

Sometimes conflict is inevitable but working with an experienced family law attorney throughout the divorce process can help you and your spouse establish agreements and court orders that are fair, reasonable and sustainable. This can prevent disputes later on by providing an outcome that is acceptable and realistic for everyone.

I will work with you through the entire divorce process, from initial filing to matters of enforcement and modification. To learn more about how I can help you, please contact me at 732-451-6849 to arrange a consultation.